Revelation of Jesus Christ - Commentary on the Book of Revelation (Second Edition)

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Intended for both scholar and layperson, this verse-by-verse commentary outlines the thematic architecture of the Apocalypse to illuminate the unified message of the book. Providing both scholarly notes and lay-oriented exposition, this landmark work recommends itself for personal study and as a college and seminary text.

"The greatest contribution of this book is its rich background of Old Testament, New Testament, and extra-biblical material, which gives depth to the interpretation of the text. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive Adventist commentary on Revelation."--Beatrice Neall, Professor Emerita of Religion, Union College

"The new exposition of John's Apocalypse by Dr. Stefanovic offers a serious effort to present a responsible exegesis of John's language in connection with that of the Old Testament prophets. This approach recommends itself to all who are searching for John's own intentions with his visions. All can benefit from this careful approach to the book of Revelation."--Hans K. LaRondelle, Professor Emeritus of Theology, Andrews University

"Stefanovic's purpose is to let the text govern the interpretation. He helps us see that the text is inspired. It is genuine prophecy. John's message is for everyone--an encouraging, invigorating message for people today. Stefanovic writes an important book that takes a worldwide interpretation of Revelation and invites us to find hope and joy in the judgment."--J. Massynberde Ford, Professor of New Testament Studies, University of Notre Dame

"The quality of Stefanovic's work will speak for itself. No reader of the book can come away without a fresh perspective on the text--a perspective that may well completely transform the way one looks at the Apocalypse."--From the Foreword by Jon Paulien, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University

Ranko Stefanovic, associate professor of New Testament at Andrews University, is a well-loved teacher, popular speaker and author of scholarly articles.



    Prologue (1:1-8)

    The Messages to the Seven Churches
    Overview: Revelation 1:9-3:22
    Jesus among the Lampstands (1:9-20)
    Christ’s Messages to the Churches (2-3:22)

    The Opening of the Sealed Scroll
    Overview: Revelation 4–11:19
    The Heavenly Throne Vision (4:1-11)
    The Sealed Scroll (5:1-14)
    Overview: Revelation 6
    The Opening of the Seven Seals (6:1-17; 8:1)
    The Sealed Saints and the Great Multitude (7:1-17)
    Overview: Revelation 8-9
    The First Six Trumpet Plagues (8:2-9:21)
    The Open Little Scroll (10:1-11)
    The Two Witnesses (11:1-14)
    The Third Woe: The Seventh Trumpet (11:15-19)

    The Contents of the Seven-Sealed Scroll
    Overview: Revelation 12-22:5
    The Dragon and the Woman (12:1-17)
    The Two Beasts (13:1-18)
    God’s Final Message to the World (14:1-20)
    Overview: Revelation 15-18
    The Seven Last Plagues (15-16:21)
    Prostitute Babylon and the Resurrected Beast (17:1-18)
    The Judgment of Babylon (18:1-24)
    The Two Suppers (19:1-21)
    The Millennium and the Final Judgment (20:1-15)
    The Restored Earth (21-22:5)

    The Epilogue (22:6-21)

    Reference Materials
    Index of Modern Authors
    Index of Scripture References
    Index of Extrabiblical Literature


Ein ausgezeichnetes Buch, das zeigt, wie die Offenbarung in fast allen Büchern der Bibel verwurzelt ist.
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