Adventists and Armageddon

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Paperback, 15,5 x 23 cm


"From time to time long-standing tensions in the Middle East erupt into armed conflict leading some Bible students to predict that the world is on the verge of Armageddon. This battle is supposed to center at Megiddo in Palestine.... Here,...the most horrific of all wars will be fought. In the past, many Seventh-day Adventists have subscribed to this interpretation of Revelation 16:12-16. What about today? Were Seventh-day Adventists raised up to be prophets or proclaimers of the "sure word of prophecy"?How you answer that question could mean the difference between facing the future with confidence and assurance or facing unnecessary conflict and embarrassment over failed predictions that God never asked us to make. Adventists and Armageddon, by Donald E. Mansell, is an investigation into the doctrinal metamorphosis that has taken place within Adventism regarding Armageddon and the "king of the north." It contrasts the many historical views on the subject and provides important counsel form the Spirit of Prophecy. Is the war to end all wars a climactic clash between the forces of good and evil over the Sabbath question? A religio-political battle between the nations that would be fought in Palestine? Is the "king of the north" power in Daniel 11 the papacy, the Turkish Empire, or a symbol of the Muslim world? Can we know the truth? What are the consequences of making bold predictions that never materialize? Where have we been right (and wrong) in the past? With humility and balanced scholarship, the author of The Shape of the Coming Crisis examines the answers to these questions and sets forth a timely warning for Adventists to tread lightly when it comes to unfulfilled prophecy."


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