Apologetics: Rethinking God

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Apologetics: Rethinking God was written for our chaotic times.

Society is hotly debating morality, justice, existence, and more. Many people have given up on the idea of a loving God-or, any God at all.

Can Christianity meet the claims of atheism? Is it rational to believe in God's existence, His goodness, or the credibility of His Word? Can believers engage with skeptics in meaningful ways? Absolutely!

The field of apologetics offers compelling answers for us today. Through the pages of this book, Anil Kanda shares relevant apologetic insights for some of the most challenging questions about the Christian faith.

Although he was raised in Indian faith traditions, Anil was transformed by encountering the powerful truths of God's Word. You'll enjoy his riveting story.

This concise, practical, and provocative book answers questions such as:

  • Do we really need God?
  • Is intelligent design intelligent?
  • Is the Bible a credible historical document?
  • How can we make sense of the evil in our world?
  • Does the Old Testament command genocide?
  • How does God treat people in non-Christian religions?
  • How can believers effectively share their faith? And much more...

In Apologetics: Rethinking God, Anil shares insightful answers to common objections to faith. This concise, practical, and provocative book will help you understand and share the big ideas about God!


"Apologetics: Rethinking God is, in my opinion, the only way apologetics should have ever been done" (Ty Gibson)


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