Love Is!

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Loss is something everyone experiences in different ways. Love Is! is the moving story of one man's journey of grief, grace, and gratitude following the loss of the person he loved the most, his wife. Frank Hasel shares the unvarnished, painful complexities of dealing with the realities of bereavement and beyond as he grapples to come to terms with the new, unwanted realities of being a young widower and single parent to three boys. It tells of the transformative grace that helps him express gratitude in the most difficult of circumstances. Love doesn't die when the person you love dies. Love endures, but how do you express that love in meaningful and constructive ways? This is not a self-help manual, but rather an invitation to share one man's journey and insights. If you have ever wondered how to help someone struggling with the emotional turmoil created by a significant loss, this book will provide practical insights into what is ""helpful help."" This is a story for everyone who has ever lost a heart hero, someone they loved dearly . . . and lost themselves in the process! You are not alone!


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