Educating for Eternity

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Educating for Eternity A Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy of Education


George Knight, for more than forty years, has been an irrepressible, eloquent, and provocative voice for the unique identity and divine purpose of the Advent movement. In this landmark work, Knight returns to one of his life-long favorite subjects—Adventist educational philosophy. Writing both for the educated layperson and the professional educator, he begins by laying the groundwork of basic philosophic understandings as they relate to education. Building on this, he then structures his main argument for the active, intentional, redemptive purpose of Adventist education. It is a bracing, inspiring, and invigorating reminder of what serious Adventists must demand from their schools—and from their educators.

George Knight taught both philosophy of education and church history at Andrews University for thirty years. He has authored and edited almost ninety books. His major titles related to education are Early Adventist Educators (1983), Philosophy and Education: An Introduction in Christian Perspective (4th ed., 2006), Issues and Alternatives in Educational Philosophy (4th ed., 2008), and Myths in Adventism (1985, 2009). He is retired and lives in Rogue River, Oregon.

“Knight’s book is brisk, clear, and engaging. It brings the reader directly to the point of each issue discussed. Seventh-day Adventist education deserves to exist only when it is both Christian and Adventist. Its biblical philosophic foundation determines who should teach, why students are there, and what they should learn. It conserves cherished values in order to produce students capable of changing society. Otherwise change would be flowing the other direction. Theirs is ‘a message of the coming Christ who will not only feed the poor but abolish hunger; who will not only comfort the grieving but eradicate death.’ Everyone should read this book.”

Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy
Director of Education
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“In this pithy, to-the-point book, Knight has encapsulated the value, function, and goals of Adventist education. It’s a must-read for every school-board member, teacher, administrator, and pastor. Knight states candidly and poignantly that any Adventist school, teacher, or curriculum that is not distinctly Adventist is a redundancy unneeded in today’s educational landscape. He stresses that we must recapture—in every classroom—the reason we exist: to restore our children into the image of our Creator.”

Larry Blackmer
Vice President for Education
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

“At a time when Seventh-day Adventist education is in crisis—when general church and parental support for Adventist education, pre-K-16, is waning and is viewed as merely an expensive option—George Knight makes a powerful case for the unquestionable value of Adventist education and the unique and indispensable role it plays at this crucial time in history.”

Sunimal Kulasekere
Former Associate Superintendent of Education
Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“This book will help teachers to get students to think. It will infuse life into those classrooms where Adventist philosophy of education is too often taught in a rather uninspiring manner.”

John Matthews
Professor of Educational Foundations and Religious Education

Andrews University


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