Longing for Paradise - Arabisch

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Muslims and Christians share the conviction that Jesus Christ (Al-Masīh ‘Īsā Ibn Maryam) is in heaven, underscoring how much we should respect Him by obeying His teachings.

As the day of judgment draws near, Shaytan is increasing his battle of destruction. It is time for us, believers of the three monotheistic religions and spiritual descendants of Prophet Ibrāhīm, to join hands in the great task of announcing the kingdom of peace and prosperity for which we all yearn. It is time for all believers to be aware that Jesus will return very soon. Let us help each other to be ready for that great day, loving one another instead of attacking each other.

I hope, insha Allāh, that this common goal will be pursued by those among us who want to be channels of blessing and mercy. May the study of the message of this book help us reverse the deadly process of destruction by finding inner peace and transforming it into outward peace until the return of Al-Masīh ‘Īsā Ibn Maryam!

Assalāmu alaikum wa rahmatullāhi wa barokatuh! (May God‘s peace, mercy, and blessing be with you!)

–Sheikh Uztad Saifuddin Ibrahim, former dean of Ma’had al-Zaytun University, Jakarta, Indonesia

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