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They Had a World to Win

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The author's late wife was Willie White's granddaughter and he has combined anecdotes collected at family reunions with careful research to give us this collection of biographies of Joseph Bates, James and Ellen White, J. N. Loughborough, Uriah Smith, William Miller, Anna Knight, F. A. Stahl, John Burden, W. H. Anderson, J. G. Matteson, O. A. Davis, S. N. Haskell, G. F. Jones, and John Kellogg.
Each chapter of this volume portrays one of the pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist church. The author's extensive research into his spiritual roots has uncovered many little-known human interest angles that make these bold men and women come alive for us today.

Take Joseph Bates, for example. The British did! He was kidnapped and forced to serve five years in the British navy. Uriah Smith invented the famous school desk with folding chairs, and an improved wooden leg--to replace the one he had sawed off without anesthesia. He was held down at the time by his sister Annie--who later dreamed about Joseph Bates on the same night Bates dreamed about her.

Women were pioneers too. Two of them, Anna Knight and Kate Lindsay, both carried a pistol. Edith Brownsberger was momentarily blinded by a dazzling angel who came through the auditorium roof to strengthen speaker Ellen G. White. Then there was the time White dragged a strong man around the floor while gesturing in vision, and the time her son Willie got kicked out of school for insulting his teacher.

Willie would win the hand of Mary Kelsey away from John Harvey Kellogg, whose electrical health contraptions would grace the royal palaces at Buckingham and Windsor. And who was the commanding stranger who stopped a riot after pioneer John Matteson preached on the text "Where their worm dieth not . . ."? God used such fallible people to fashion a movement to win the world with the message of a soon-coming Saviour. This is their remarkable story.


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