The Ten Commandments

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Paperback, 10,5 x 18 cm


On May 7, 2006, people of faith everywhere celebrated the first annual Ten Commandments Day. “The Ten Commandments are the heart of all moral code and must be restored to the heart of our society,” states Ron Wexler, founder and CEO of the Ten Commandments Commission. “[This day] is truly going to be a coast-to-coast celebration of our nation’s reverence for God,” says “Blackie” Gonzalez, the new chair of this nationwide grassroots coalition.

Because of this, the Hope channel and the Review and Herald are released the Ten Commandments – What if we did it God’s Way, by Loron Wade. This book takes a fresh look at these eternal words and declares them to be a fountain flowing with practical wisdom, offering solutions to real problems and situations all of us deal with every single day. Maybe, Wade says, we’ve confused information with wisdom. Maybe we’ve rejected as obsolete the most precious treasure of the past. What if we went beyond the surface and looked at the powerful implications of these ancient principles?

“The Ten Commandments have to get off the stone tablets and into our hearts,” he says. “Only the obedience that springs naturally from a transformed heart will make any real difference.” It has 128 pages and is printed in the pocket-size format. At the very end, readers will find additional information on how to learn more about the topic, sign up for Bible studies, and more.

Seventh-day Adventists have long enjoyed the blessing that comes from observing the Ten Commandments. This event offers a beautiful opportunity to share that same blessing with others. We are inviting churches, institutions, businesspeople—everyone to get involved in this campaign and take advantage of the media exposure this event has offered and continue the excitement by distributing this book. Below are suggested places and people that the TEN COMMANDMENTS book could be given and/or mailed to:

- Neighbors 
- Neighbors of SDA churches and institutions 
- Non-Adventist parents of students attending a SDA school 
- Pastors of other faiths 
- Local officials 
- Nursing homes 
- Prisons 
- Hospitals 
- Malls and shopping centers 
- Downtown streets 
- Businesses Gut erhalten, ohne Anmerkungen und Anstreichungen.


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