Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, CD-ROM, version 3.0, Expanded Edition

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A Bible Study Library at Your Fingertips!
This is one of the finest Bible study software packages available. The Libronix Digital Library System software mimics a home library (with many volumes on the shelf) and takes advantage of your computer’s capabilities to help you quickly search, cross-reference, and study in parallel. Any Libronix products that you purchase in the future wil be added to your expandable digital library (works with Windows Vista).

The easy-to-use home page will make your personal Bible study more productive by giving you access to more content and by acting as an automated "research assistant" that searches, organizes, and presents that content in ways that accelerate your study and draw you deeper into the Word.

Exciting New Features in Version 3 
* All major tools and reports have been revised to improve speed and usability. 
* The new Bible Speed Search finds a word or phrase in your Bible as quickly as you can type. 
* The new Bible Word Study report puts in-depth word study within reach of all users; just enter a word and the software looks up the definition, dictionary entries, root words, and generates a concordance showing every use of the word within the Bible. 
* The Passage Guide takes you to commentaries, cross references, parallel passages, and maps, and looks at important words. 
* The Exegetical Guide gives you the Greek or Hebrew for each important word or phrase, plus the Strong’s number and Strong’s Enhanced Lexicon entry. You can view informative tutorials at the Logos website. Click on "What’s New in Logos 3," and then "Video Tutorials."

Expanded Edition (Bible Commentary Reference Series Plus Ellen White’s Complete Published Writings) 
This format includes all of the resources listed in version 2.2a, plus the complete published writings of Ellen White: 100 books, 160 pamphlets, 5,000 periodical articles, and 21 volumes of Manuscript Releases. It also includes the Ellen G. White biography (six volumes), and the four-volume topical Comprehensive Index with more than 400,000 links to the pages referenced in the entries. This fully integrated software package gives you instant access to both collections at the same time!

Runs with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/ Windwos 7.


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