Popular Beliefs: Are they Biblical?

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Samuele Bacchiocchi writes:

Fellow-believers often ask me this question: What book would you recommend for a neighbor or office worker who has questions about our Adventist beliefs? My common answer has been: I am not aware of any particular Adventist book that answers questions about all our beliefs in the context of what other Christians believe. Most of our Adventist books, including the ones that I have written, deal with one particular belief like the Sabbath, the Second Advent, the State of the Dead, Temperance, the Sanctuary, etc. But we do not have a book that compares and contrasts our Adventist beliefs with popular Christian beliefs.

The Good News is that this much needed book is finally available. Popular Beliefs: Are They Biblical? is designed to meet this specific need. Adventists who have been looking for a book to give their friends with questions about our Adventist beliefs, will be glad to give to their friends this book, because it exposes false teachings and affirms biblical truths in a calm, dispassionate, and objective way.

Popular Beliefs should prove to be a most effective witnessing book, because it examines not just the Sabbath/Sunday question, but other popular beliefs such as the immortality of the soul, life after death, hell as eternal torment, purgatory, the veneration of Mary, speaking in tongues, once saved always saved, and infant baptism.

In seinem Buch behandelt er 10 traditionelle christliche Auffassungen aus adventistisch-biblischer Sicht:

  1. Extreme Ansichten zur Bibel
  2. Unsterblichkeit der Seele
  3. Leben nach dem Tod
  4. Höllenlehre
  5. Fegefeuer
  6. Heiligkeit des Sonntags
  7. Lehre von Maria (Mariologie)
  8. Zungenrede
  9. „Einmal gerettet, für immer gerettet“
  10. Säuglingstaufe


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