From Eden to Eden: God's Eternal Blueprint

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Hardcover, 21,7 x 15,8 cm


Leaving the cities and moving to the country side, healthy living and changes in lifestyle, homeschooling and the educational reform, are some of the ideas that are intensively discussed by more and more Christians these days, looking at the situation of their own life, their families and the world today.

The advent movement has been from its formative days advocating these concepts and has brought to society an amazing panoramic view of how all these areas are interconnected. But this so called Blueprint did not originate with the life of the adventist leaders in the nineteenth century or from the writings of Ellen G. White who has extensively written about it.

This book will show that the Blueprint is in fact the eternal master plan God has been using from the beginning of the world to ensure that mankind has every possibility to live according to his original purpose. That purpose being to live in the presence of his Creator and to reflect His character of unselfish love and service for one another. As you will discover, the Eden life had all the elements of the Blueprint. It set the scene for the life of mankind, enabled mankind's constant development and protected them against evil. After the fall God is still using the very same elements to bring mankind back to His likeness.

In the following pages you will understand from the Bible, amplified by quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White, what the original blueprint was composed of in it's particulars–what its intention was and how the very same principles have been used by Noah, Moses, the Son of God Himself, His Apostles and the Advent Movement. Amazingly enough in the last chapter we will discover that even the earth made new reveals again the same original Blueprint as Eden.

You can use this book in a twofold way: Imagine a matrix or spreadsheet with lines and columns. In this compilation the chapters would be called “lines” because they represent the lines of the matrix. Its columns are represented by the subheadings of each chapter resp. line (e.g., Country Living, Health Reform, Useful Physical Labor, etc.). This compilation can be read in a straight forward manner as any book. The matrix concept is intended to make it easier for those who wish to study a particular aspect of the Blueprint. In this case you can focus your study on a particular subtitle (matrix column) and read from every line only this part, discovering for example, all the various aspects of Country Living.

The principles of the Blueprint are the same in every phase of man's history. Its particular manifestation of the Blueprint becomes every time when it gets re-established present truth, adapted to the circumstances of society it has to meet. Take up the challenge in this generation and put the Blueprint into reality – build another ark and you will experience how it will carry you, your family and many more through the times ahead.

The Blueprint is of divine origin in every detail, and will not fail in achieving its goal: the restoration of man back to the image of God and for a life again in his presence.


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